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Venapro reviews

My Venapro Review

If you’re a hemorrhoid sufferer like me, talking about hemorrhoids isn’t exactly something you relish. Not many of us are going to be eager to sit down at the dinner table with our friends and loved ones and start up a lively discussion about hemorrhoids. The problem though, is this is a serious condition that really affects our quality of life and needs to be given more attention by the medical community. So, if you’re dealing with hemorrhoids hopefully this Venapro review will provide some helpful information you may not be aware of concerning hemorrhoids and what treatments are available.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal canal. When the veins become swollen and irritated they can form to create external or internal hemorrhoids and sometimes both. As embarrassing as it may be to admit or talk about, the fact is, most people will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point. It doesn’t make you weird or gross, it’s just a fact of life most of us will have to deal with eventually.
Internal hemorrhoids consist of smaller veins in the anal canal but occasionally they may consist of larger veins that bulge out of the anus. If the blood supply to the veins is cut off and the veins are squeezed they can become painful. Most people will also notice blood spotting on toilet paper when going to the bathroom if internal hemorrhoids are present.
With external hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoids are located outside the anal canal and can become irritated under the skin. This will likely produce a lump and a painful and stinging sensation.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Now that we’ve grossed ourselves out with that riveting discussion you may be asking yourself “how the hell did I get these in the first place?”
Like most conditions there are a number of factors that contribute to getting hemorrhoids but most instances can be traced to a couple of issues.


First, pregnant woman are often at risk for contracting hemorrhoids. Why? Well, hormonal changes that take place in women during pregnancy often increase blood flow to the pelvis area and relax supporting tissues. Additionally, that growing fetus inside women results in additional pressure on the blood vessels of the anal canal. During labor, there is additional pressure applied to the anal canal during the delivery of the baby.

Bad Bowel Behavior

Say that five times fast. Just don’t do it while anyone else is in the room. O.K. seriously, some behaviors while we’re going to the bathroom can also lead to hemorrhoids. Some of these include the following:

Rushing A Bowel Movement

Slow down there partner. When you are in a rush to complete a bowel movement you run the risk of increasing pressure on rectal veins. The can cause fissures or small ruptures leading to…you guessed it, hemorrhoids.

Diarrhea or Constipation

If you have frequent struggles with diarrhea or constipation than you also have a higher risk of contracting hemorrhoids. Both of these conditions cause straining and pressure on the anal canal and likely formation of hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids is just another condition we risk subjecting ourselves to when we struggle with out weight. Weight gain, especially in the abdomen or pelvic area, results in increased pressure on pelvic veins.

Medical Conditions

The pooling of blood in the abdomen and/or pelvic area may be caused by medical issues such as heart disease or liver disease. These conditions may enlarge pelvic veins and cause hemorrhoids.

What Can I Do?

If you’re like me and you find yourself suffering from hemorrhoids the good news is that there’s something you can do about it.

First, drink more water. When you drink the daily-recommended amount of water (approximately 8 full glasses) you help your colon out by making it easier for your waste to exit the body (there’s a pleasant visual).

Second, watch your diet. You diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you’re getting some healthy fiber every day. Many Americans don’t eat enough healthy fiber.

Third, go moist. Instead of dry toilet paper, try using some moist wipes. Just make sure they don’t contain alcohol or perfume.

Finally, find some treatment. If you’re doing all the things listed above and you’re still suffering try one of the many treatments out on the market. Fortunately (for you), I think I’ve tried them all and my review of the top treatments available is below.

My Top Three Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Number 3: Preparation H

The big daddy on the block. Or at least the big name. Everyone knows of Preparation H and chances are if you’re reading this you’ve even used it. As other products have come on the market I think Pfizer (the maker of Preparation H) has gotten a bit lazy and instead of trying to improve the product has focused on other, more profitable ventures in its stable. The active ingredient in Preparation H is Phenylephrine HCl, which is intended to temporarily shrink the tissues being affected by both internal and external hemorrhoids. The problem is Preparation H simply treats the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes of hemorrhoids. Like many others I experienced some initial relief with preparation H, but that relief was short lived and temporary. The customer service is nill and Preparation H is not cheap. If you’ve got nothing else and this is you’re only hope, go for it. Temporary relief is better than nothing. Given some of the advances in research and what know about hemorrhoids I think there are better options.
However, I’m going to provide you with some better options. Read on young grasshopper.

Number 2: Hem-B-Gone

Not exactly a household name but one that has started to gain some traction in the market. The first thing that struck me when I picked up a bottle of Hem-B-Gone are the ingredients. With names such as witch hazel, horse chestnut, and ginger, you can’t help but wonder what the hell you’re buying. After doing some research, I discovered the company only uses pharmaceutical extracts of the ingredients to ensure its safety.
After using a full bottle of Hem-B-Gone there are mostly positive but ultimately disappointing results. Some users have reported breaking out in hives (I didn’t) and others simply saw no benefit. I like the product, it helped my condition and the customer service is very good. Ultimately though, I had better results with another product.

Number 1: Venapro Review

This is the product I’ve had the best luck with. Venapro contains some of the same ingredients as Hem-B-Gone with a few additions. The best thing about Venapro is the fact that it’s a truly homeopathic treatment that relies on natural ingredients to help the body help itself. One ingredient, Arnica, is common in homeopathic medicines and is used by athletes to reduce bruising. Also, the fact that Venapro seeks to treat the condition and not just the symptoms through the use of natural ingredients makes it the winner in my book. Overall, I think Venapro offers the best long-term solution for anyone struggling to treat hemorrhoids and is looking for a safe and natural solution that will provide permanent relief.  Follow the link for more information on how to buy Venapro and for special offers.

What I Didn’t Like About Venapro:

It’s not sunshine and daisies though in my Venapro review. Venapro is not a miracle drug so lets be honest. Some users in their Venapro reviews, have experienced diarrhea, so when taking the supplement I recommend trying it on the weekend when you’re going to be close to the bathroom, just to be safe. Also, some users just didn’t have good results. These folks are in the minority but it happens.
Venapro, like any product you may choose needs to be one part of your regiment for true long lasting relief. Take a hard look at your diet and be honest. Take your time in the bathroom and consider using moist wipes if your constantly irritated back there.

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